Water has been one of the most underutilized nutrients that can potentially be a key staple in the way people live their lives. Today, we are getting busier and busier in our society and we are becoming quick to give of our time at the expense of own health. If we are to give unto others – how do we do that if were not well? As our busyness arises, I believe we should match that with our efforts to sustain a healthier life. If our body’s are composed of more than 60% water and plays a major part in its metabolic processes, then that’ll be a great place to start.

Here are 7 benefits to drinking more water:

  1. More Energy: 

Many people default into thinking just a lack of sleep is a contributing factor to low energy. Although sleep does play a role, an adequate amount of water is vital in allowing the bodily cells to function properly – thus allowing supply to the energy the body is trying to use.

2. Mental focus

Sometimes we may default into thinking that coffee is the only component that will supply us with more mental clarity and focus. I have heard of people who drink more caffeine (via coffee and/or energy drinks) than they do water. THAT is a major problem if you ask me… because high amounts of coffee lead to dehydration anyway which combats the body’s ability to feel energized through hydration.

3. Improves Bowels

According to WebMD – dehydration is one of the most common causes of chronic constipation. Some of the people that I coach have told me that drinking more water actually helps them feel lighter and helps improve their bowel movement regularly.

4. Great for Headaches  

When I get random tension headaches I usually like to look at my water intake first. They are so common in people. Tension headaches can usually come from fatigue, and fatigue from dehydration.

5. Its Easy 

Drinking water should almost be no excuse to not have. It is something you can control as long as it is accessible. You can make it as easy as drinking from water bottles or buying your own refillable bottles. To hold yourself accountable you can even set reminders on your phone and also carry your water with you in the car, to work, the gym, and have it readily available at home.

6. You Can Make it Accessible

First off, I must say, I would have never thought we would have to come up with creative ways to drink more water. I have heard of people making it a point to leave a refillable water bottle on their desk at work, carrying it in their car, and even making efforts to create goals for themselves on how they can drink more. If you don’t already do this – it might be a good idea to start.

7. Weight Loss 

Drinking an adequate amount of water has always been a staple part of a weight loss regimen. Water aids in the digestion of food and promotes a faster metabolism, which in effect will help us to burn more calories.

Here’s to drinking more water.

Adrian Ceja

Trainer, Wellness Coach