I am really proud. And I’m grateful of my success. Having being able to consult, train, and mentor some awesome people; and having earned different credentials and pursuing extensive education. I’m grateful for the journey that I’ve had as a private trainer, a professional, and for my successes.

But it didn’t start that way… And I had to work to get there. In grade school, I grew up in a single parent home and a community infested with gangs, drugs, and alcohol. I had the opportunity to take any path but the right one. I made wrong decisions and eventually found myself getting into trouble in ways that didn’t honor who I truly was. My actions screamed that I was confident and that everything was fine. But in my heart, I knew there was lack. I was battling weight issues that robbed me of my confidence as a person. I was becoming unhealthy, insecure, and unsure of where my future was going. And that is the most frightening thing ever.

In 2008 I fell in love with exercise and its basic core principles. It taught me many things and put my life into a better perspective. However, in the beginning, I grew frustrated and confused because I felt that again I wasn’t going anywhere. I did all the research, I was learning about this in school, and I was reading all the magazines. Why wasn’t I achieved in the area of fitness! I’ve overcome many obstacles and setbacks. I have failed and failed again. Ultimately, I learned how to turn all that around and there was a long journey to get me back to the person I am today.

And now, I train and teach people how to use exercise, there actions and intentions to turn their lives around. To transform themselves physically, and as a result – mentally. There was a time I wanted to just give up. But then I found my purpose. I have decided to commit myself to help others transform their lives.

I’d love to do that for you!!


In your greatest wellbeing,

Adrian Ceja