WHOA! If you haven’t tried Blackberry Spritzer yet – your missing out.

This Christmas, I had one of the best drinks. Although you may think it’d be the plainest drink ever, it was in fact rich in flavor. Berry flavor that is!

Its often times difficult to find a drink that isn’t filled with chemical sweeteners, and/or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). I can be very plain and I don’t drink too many things that are sweetened, but I got this Trader Joes Blackberry Spritzer as a gift because they knew that it was on the “healthier side,” and to my surprise it may now be one of my favorites.


Made with the juice of 17 whole blackberries, lightly carbonated, low in calories, and with just a few simple ingredients, Blackberry Spritzer is rich with sweet berry flavor. Even some of the real fruit puree settles on the bottom. This drink is only around for the holiday season at just a couple dollars. For only 70 clean calories a cup it makes it hard to pass up. Give it a try. Happy Holidays!

Adrian                                                                                                 TheNeighborhoodTrainer