You’ve done it all! You’ve tried countless diets. Your friend told you about the new “fat burning” product. You picked up the new issue of your favorite magazine because it read “How to burn fat fast.”

So why do you still feel like crap and the weight just does not want to come off? Ask yourself this uncomfortable question-when was the last time I pooped? That’s correct! When we don’t ‘GO’ that means the large intestine – which is responsible for eliminating the body of waste – is backed up. When the bowels fail to push waste out our metabolism suffers; therefore makes it difficult to lose weight.

So, what helps to improve a better bowel movement? FIBER!!! But not just a little.

Dietary fiber plays a key role in eliminating toxins through the bowels. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the amount of fiber intake in the typical western American and Canadian diet is half the recommended amount of 14g/day. With a decreased amount of fiber in our diet we are rapidly seeing more and more people with constipation and some may be having an irregular bowel movement.

It is critical we optimize our body’s ability to rid itself of toxins. In fact, we detoxify daily and is a normal bodily function. Fortunately, we have some detoxification tools to assist in eliminating toxic weight and our bowel movements is something we have a lot of control over.

A high fiber diet is critical for gut health and in having a regular Bowel Movement daily. 1-2 solid BMs Is good. With this you are discarding any backed up feces and releasing toxic chemicals that can be keeping you from losing toxic weight.

The colon health and defecation of the bowels is improved when combined with both soluble and insoluble fiber foods.

Fiber, in its water-insoluble form, such as barley, whole grains, psyllium and veggies – help to bulk up the poop to improve regularity and at times relieve occasional constipation. Soluble fiber; found in foods such as fruit, oats and nuts slows down the digestion of your food.

A variety of these foods and lots of water should help to improve your daily BMs. The other benefit is that it acts as a natural detoxification and cleanses the colon.

Enjoy the cleanse. Feel the energy. And feel revitalized.

In your good health,

Adrian Ceja