You might be doing everything right. You train 6 times a week, eat clean, consume high calorie meals, and have your supplement stack. You like what you see in the mirror. BUT, your still trying to put on some more muscle and the only problem is – it’s been a year.

Are you maximizing your body’s fullest potential?┬áIf you know me and have trained with me you might know that I’m always talking about maximizing your exercises (I remember my old sales boss used to talk to me about how to maximize my time- great learning principle). Each exercise has a lengthening phase and a shortening phase. That means with each exercise you extend that specific muscle for better contraction during the shortening phase. Therefore; taring more muscle fibers. After all, that’s what the goal is during hypertrophy training. To not make things too complicated; the following are a list of tips you can apply daily to your exercise regimen.

  • Proper form – this will keep the tension in the muscle you are exercising.
  • Focus; to enhance “mind-body” connection
  • Muscle contraction (During the shortening phase) – maximize contraction by squeezing during the shortening phase.
  • Isolation & Control – because there are 3 differet types of conrtraction; this is where the other 2 come to play. Isolate the muscle and keep control of the exercise.

So next time your in the gym ask yourself if you have been applying these methods to maximize your fitness potential. This takes a lot of time, hardwork, and effort – so make the best of it and give it 100%.


May the “gains” be unto you,

Adrian Ceja