To get one thing clear – everyone is on a diet. I don’t only consider a diet being some plan written out for you to get to your goals, but it’s also just your way of eating. If you eat a lot of junk food and barely any solid food; then that’s your diet. So say someone asks you what your diet is like, you really can’t say your not on one – because you really are.

Combined with healthy diet and exercise; the following is a list of key things you can do to maximize your fitness potential for weight loss. Let’s go!

1.) Drink lots of water. – water can be very overlooked at times because we tend to drink it only when were thirsty or when our mouths are dry. Water is a key staple to boost metabolism, clean out your colon, clean and flush your body of toxicity build up. (At a bare minimum aim for half your body weight in oz of water: 150lbs=75)

2.) Reduce your sugar and salt intake. This one is a big deal and so effective.

3.) Plan your meals ahead of time and don’t go too long without eating. (Exercise will boost your metabolism and will demand more calories from you anyway, so this should get easier.

4.) Have more herbal based drinks; such as green tea (combined with caffeine). You still need to exercise though – this is not an easy way out.

5.) Don’t over-consume on the weekends. The weekends separate the good from the great. If your going to have a cheat meal, pick 1 day and not all weekend.

6.) Promote more fat loss with HIIT cardio(High Intensity Interval Training)- The idea here is to do short periods of intense anaerobic exercise combined with short rest times. (i.e., 15 reps- body squats, burpees, high knees, sprints, rest 30-60 seconds). Slow steady cardio can be a burden on your weight-baring joints, lower your metabolism, lower your testosterone, and throw your hormones out of balance. Plus, HIIT is way more fun, burns fat and far more calories in a short amount of time.

If you have a very specific goal you are trying to accomplish it’s important to stay focused and disciplined. The whole “moderation” thing does not apply to you. If that does then your just maintaining. But we don’t want that, right? Pick 1 day and stick with that. Sure it’ll keep you healthy, but we need to stay focused and work towards what we want and sometimes that requires a lot more work.

Good luck! And in your greatest well-being,

Adrian Ceja