During my studies I remember meeting several different personal trainers in college. It wasn’t until after getting to know them that I would realize that MOST were going into fitness because it was their passion. Fair enough. But most were passionate about fitness first. Usually that means they love how it changed their life and the results they’ve obtained physically – maybe even mentally and spiritually. In fitness it is SO easy to draw it back to ourselves.

I believe that is our problem…

We need to also be passionate about people and put them first. We need to redirect our attention back to those we serve and make it less about us and more about them. When we put the people (our audience, social media presence, clients, etc.) first everything else follows. People are far more interested in our convictions, and in our level of confidence in how we do our work, as opposed to just how much we know. We’ve spent countless hours a day learning about the anatomy of the body and how the femur (thigh bone) is the largest bone in the body, or how there are two heads to the biceps. Let’s be honest, the 50-year-old menopausal woman who wants to lose 25 pounds can care less. However, the education is important and does give you credibility – so the time invested in that is beneficial.

In this rapidly growing industry we become more and more influential in and out of the gym. It is entirely up to us on how we use that influence. Sometimes even I feel the pressure. People have questions and they want to talk to you, but not if your arrogant. A lot of times It is our friends and they just want to pick our brains and that’s okay. In contrary, it is a major form of accountability. People just expect us to eat healthy, so we do so. We need to also consistently be the example of what we preach because it is going to show otherwise.

Personal trainers need to be at the top of their game at all times. They play a big role in the areas of motivation, discipline, and accountability. That is mostly because we need to be a source of encouragement with the people we work with. Could you imagine our clients telling us how bad they’ve struggled one week, and here we are telling them we’ve had a horrible week also. They already feel down and defeated, so they want to be around people who can lift them up. We need to be real though and not create an image of perfection. I have found that it is important to share our experiences and personal testimonials of our own journey. After all, when we get to hear about how we have inspired someone it makes everything worth while.  That is why we put people first and that is my absolute favorite thing about this.


In Your Greatest Wellbeing,


Adrian Ceja

Trainer, Wellness Coach