We do so well at any other time of the year, but around THIS time is where things get increasingly challenging. There’s even more temptation at the workplace, holiday dinners, leftovers at home, and the list just goes on. Doesn’t it? I really do believe in feasting in the holidays. Food brings community if you can do it right. Don’t feel down this holiday season about not wanting to gain weight. Try these helpful tips.

Exercise in The Morning. Exercising first thing in the morning sets the body up to a great start. It also revs metabolism and you get a head start to calorie burning.

Instagram: adrianceja_

Instagram: adrianceja_

Restrict Additional Carbs. In my opinion (in fact I still do this), I would cut out all foods through out the day that contain carbs. Consider this a form of fasting. In a nutshell, carbs are your body’s primary source of energy. If we over consume and do not burn it off, then it can potentially lead to fat storage. Stick to lean meats, eggs, green vegetables, avocado, etc.

Eat Protein First. Conscious eating is big for me and I talk about this a lot. We need to be sensible. To help combat overeating at your holiday dinner eat a food filled with protein first. This will help you to get full and curve over-indulging in carbs/desserts.

Give Leftovers Away. I bet if you have family over your house for the holidays this would be a tough one. However, I’m also sure your friends and co-workers would love some. Try to share some of your leftovers with others so it frees you up from consuming those added calories.

Reduce High Sugary Drinks. These are the calories that sneak up on a lot of people. Sometimes a couple hundred calories can be consumed just by drinking sugary drinks. Cut these out to avoid going overboard when your feasting for the holiday meal.

“The difference between try and triumph is a little UMPH.” -Marvin Phillips