We don’t only exercise to be fit and look good. We exercise to live a better quality of life.

To kick off your2015 here are my top steps to stay on track to a better and healthy YOU.

1.) Plan ahead.

Planning ahead will aid in accountability. Grab a calendar and write down your exercises and meals for that day to make sure your workouts remain a priority. For a beginner, 2-3 times a week is a great start.

2.) Don’t feel pressured to buy weight loss products or other gimmicks.

Many beginners feel the urge to invest in ‘essentials’ for weight loss. Slow down! I always preach in the beginning use what you have and cut out the foods you know you shouldn’t be having. Use your own body’s ability first and focus on making this new journey habitual.

3.) Drink water.

Water will act as a natural detoxifying agent in cleansing your body. It gets rid of toxins and improves overall bodily functions.

4.) Find an accountability partner.

Your friends and family will hold you accountable to what you said you want to accomplish. Social support is one of the best predictors of success in any journey.

5.) Get Creative.

Lets be honest – it gets boring doing the same things over and over again. Have fun with your exercise. Vary your workouts with resistance training to build muscle, flexibility training for better range of motion, and aerobic activity such as running, jogging, biking, etc.

Remember, one of the best indicators of your success will be whether you are being consistent or not. To see things in yourself you’ve never seen before you gotta do things you’ve never done before. Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone. Is 2015 going to be your year of health, prosperity and change?

In your greatest health,

Adrian Ceja