On game day eating healthy may be the last thing on your mind. But if your not mindful- the following day it may be the first thing you regret. Here’s how to score a TOUCHDOWN towards your health and become an MVP.
Tackle Your Pre-Game Workout
Try getting out before game time. Something as small as going for a jog around your neighborhood will work effectively. But if your like me you would prefer more of a HIIT workout. Try this:
30 sec. High knees
10 burpees

10 push ups
1 minute plank
Rest 1 minute • Repeat 3-4x
BYOS: Bring Your Own Snack
You may not have direct control of what food items are at your Super Bowl party; but you do have control of what YOU bring. Can you make that 1 thing something healthy and make sure you have some of that. Make your Super Bowl party snacking about moderation and choices.
Don’t Go To The Game Starving
Because when your starving you just want to eat anything, right!? This is the mistake most people make. If your really trying to watch what you eat, don’t go to the game starving. Try having a light meal before hand and only snack on some of the food there. You’ll definitely cut your calories In half and you’ll be able to make more mindful choices.
Alternate With Water
Your likely to have an ice chest full of beers and sodas, but remember to also alternate with water. Slip some in the ice chest & make it a goal to hydrate at every commercial. This will surely reserve some added calories from your game day.
Oh, and of course remember to have fun and enjoy the game.
Go Broncos!