According to Statistic Brain Research Institute in an article where they talked about the top 10 New Year’s resolutions for 2015, weight loss was #1. And according to Time Magazine – weight loss was the most commonly broken New Year’s resolution. What the heck!

What is this telling us?

Proper food intake is obviously important, but what else? In my experience, I have found that basic key principles are what really form the foundation in our pursuit to stay on track.

So, here are my top 4.

1.) Plan Ahead of Time…And Have Breakfast:
If we don’t plan we’ll find ourselves in drive-thrus for lunch instead of having something that was more under our control and better for us. I have a story of a client that started planning and totally executed this. Before that she’d go the whole day without eating and indulge in her dinner portions. It ultimately lead her to a crashed metabolism, insufficient nutrients, and hormone imbalances. She planned her breakfast and lunch on a daily basis and that kept her from indulging. I know that information is a bit aggressive. But planning ahead will hold you accountable and keep you consistent.

2.) Stay Consistent:
Consistency always wins the race. Were always quick to beat ourselves up when we mess up once. We say, “Monday, for sure!” or “I’ll start next week.” Or as the year comes to an end again we make it a new year’s resolution. Give yourself some grace. Your body is very forgiving. The beautiful thing is that we have way more control that we think. So start taking control.

3.) Make the Change and New Habit:
Consistency really does win the race. It keeps us stable and it becomes easier along the way. That gives us the comfort in turning it into a new habit and making it a permanent change. After it becomes habitual you won’t cringe after having that tasty dessert at your friend’s birthday gathering.

4.) Have an End Goal:
Have someone hold you accountable to help you stay committed and focused. This is where most people may go wrong. We’re more likely to slip and not try again. Have a short term goal in mind -like 30 days from now. And a long term goal – from now until your next big family party in a few months. Goal setting makes the destination so much more enjoyable and easier.

Overall, enjoy the journey and share your experiences with other people. Exercise should be enjoyable and fun, NOT dreadful. Apply these key pointers and watch how less frustrated you’ll become and how much you will finally stay on track.
In your greatest health,