Having been in the fitness/weight-loss industry I get asked a lot of questions through messages, text messages, and obviously either clients and/or other people. I generally do enjoy it; especially those “Aha” moments. That moment where I have clarified something for them in regards to their own fitness path. BUT – there are some that seem to be most frequently asked, and many times I do get an “Aha” from them. I list – and give my best answers – to some of them here.

What can I have to eat after a workout? 

The short answer is simple – eat protein. Let me be more specific. When we exercise, like resistance training, our bodies go through a phase called “catabolism” where our muscle tissue and nutrients are being broken down. Fast acting proteins deliver amino acids back into the muscles and aid in the growing and rebuilding phase – “anabolism.” Replenishment is important. Aim for some fast digesting proteins like whey protein or eggs.

Isn’t whole wheat bread better than white bread? 

Im generally not a fan of just bread. Im constantly battling with this one. For me its the same thing. There are better options like whole grain for example and those are listed to have more nutrients, including fiber, in them. Some people have a gut intolerance to wheat flour and some research has shown that it flares up inflammatory pain (see post on arthritis). They should stay away from it.

What do YOU eat in the morning? 

This question is fun to answer sometimes. I eat eggs everyday. Every morning (if your concerned about the cholesterol levels in eggs, thats a whole other topic in it self). Eggs are great. Eat them!

How do I get rid of my belly fat? 

Your body does NOT know spot reduction. Your body is one WHOLE. Although abdominal workouts may promote the process, focus on reducing your body fat ALL over, not just the belly region. In some cases the body stores fat in this area most, specifically men, so it may be the area where you see the least amount of progress. Be patient.

What can I take for more energy? 

First. Get enough sleep… No, really! Imagine the shock your body is forced to take when your dependent on an energy stimulant due to lack of sleep. So rest is always my first go-to. However, yes I am aware of peoples “busyness” and sometimes we like to have a push to get us through the day energized. Coffee is a great recreational go-to I like to have.


In your best health,